This past weekend, baby Poppy Dahl from Belgrade, Mont., celebrated her 6-month birthday. This was a major milestone day for Poppy and her family – Poppy survived and is now home with her family after fighting for her life due to a life-threatening heart condition, hypoplastic left heart syndrome. She was diagnosed with the condition before she was born.

A program by Seattle’s KOMO 4 News which aired on Poppy’s half-year birthday, documents Poppy’s story of survival as her family and the teams at Seattle Children’s Hospital and UW Medicine do all they can to give Poppy a fighting chance.

The story, entitled “Saving Baby Poppy,” includes the moment Poppy’s parents, Brad and Christi Dahl, found out they were pregnant with her, Poppy’s birth at the University of Washington Medical Center, her surgery at Children’s for hypoplastic left heart syndrome, her heart transplant and a look at how she’s doing today.

“We are just trying to soak it in,” said Christi about having Poppy home. “It’s a miracle. She’s many miracles.”

“She’s amazing. We love her so much,” said Brad. “You go from having your baby in the hospital for so long to having her in your arms. It’s a great thing.”

While the team at Children’s frequently treats children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome – it’s never just “another day in the office” for the team.

“From the simplest case to the most complex, I’m inspired by our team, inspired by the families, and by the strength of the kids like Poppy,” said Mark Lewin, MD, Chief of Pediatric Cardiology at Children’s. “I frequently shake my head in amazement.”

You can watch “Saving Baby Poppy” on the Seattle Children’s YouTube page:

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