Walking school bus

Going old school: Researcher encourages walking school bus to prevent childhood obesity

More than one third of children and adolescents are obese or overweight, and more and more families are coming to Jason Mendoza, MD, MPH, for advice on how to help their kids lose extra pounds. But obesity treatments can be difficult to complete and are often expensive. Mendoza is testing a new approach that aims […]

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Children’s fights to ensure all Washington families have access to the health services they need

UPDATE: Seattle Children’s reached an agreement with Molina Healthcare of Washington and Children’s is an in-network provider on the plans Molina offers through the state’s Health Benefit Exchange. National healthcare reform has dominated headlines with the recent government shutdown and the opening of Healthcare Exchanges across the country, offering health benefits to individuals, families and […]

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Tips for identifying, treating and reducing risk of three common fall sports injuries

Shorter days and cooling temperatures mean school is in full swing. While it’s important to help students succeed in the classroom, it’s also important to arm them with the right tools and information for a fun and safe fall sports season. Monique Burton, MD, director of Seattle Children’s Sports Medicine Program, shares tips for identifying, […]

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Survey checkbox

Results of a parental survey may help predict childhood immunization status

Vaccine hesitancy is on the rise. Nationally, it’s an issue, and the non-medical exemption rate continues to increase annually. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4.6 percent of children entering kindergarten in Washington state in 2012 had an exemption, and the figure was 6.1 percent in Illinois and Vermont. Our Seattle-based team […]

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Helping Kids Cope with Violence in the News

Children are exposed to violent events by seeing them in the news or by hearing about them from friends, and they’re likely to have fears and questions. Studies show that children can suffer long-term emotional damage from exposure to violence in news coverage. Bob Hilt, MD, child and adolescent psychiatrist at Seattle Children’s Hospital, says parents should be prepared […]

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