‘He’s Able to Be a Kid and Be Free’: DeAngelo Thrives After Complex Surgeries and Care at Seattle Children’s

9-year-old DeAngelo “DJ” has his dreams for the future all planned out. “DJ tells everyone that he wants to become a pediatric surgeon or a pediatric gastroenterologist one day,” explained Angela McCulloch. “He says that he plans to go to school at the University of Washington and work at Seattle Children’s to help kids like […]

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A child in a bed with a medical professional standing to the left and another person sitting on a couch in the background.

Helping Children Sleep: Seattle Children’s Expanding Sleep Medicine Program

Studies consistently show that up to 50% of children experience a sleep problem at least a few nights each week. While the most recognized consequence of inadequate sleep is daytime sleepiness, children commonly manifest their sleepiness as irritability, behavioral problems, learning difficulties and poor academic performance. Some sleep disruptions are normal and are connected to […]

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