Jan. 30, 2013: Zach received a care package full of Batman goodies from Christian Bale this week, and his reaction was priceless:

Jan. 25, 2013: A young Seattle Children’s patient – and avid Batman fan – got a special surprise last week, when actor Christian Bale called him in his hospital room. 8-year-old Zach Guillot, of Dallas, Texas, is battling acute myeloid leukemia. He is currently a patient in the hospital’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, where he is recovering from chemotherapy in hopes of later receiving a bone marrow transplant. It will be his third transplant since he was first diagnosed in February 2010.

“Everyone knows Zach is a big Batman fan,” said Jeff, his father.  “One of our friends called Christian Bale’s agent, cold-called-him from what I understand, and told him Zach’s story.”

On Jan. 18, Bale called Zach to talk about costumes, little brothers who moonlight as trusty sidekick “Robin,”and Zach’s homemade Batmobile. Zach’s parents, Julie and Jeff caught the conversation on video and shared it on YouTube.

People around the world have responded to the video, which went from 30,000 views on Jan. 23 to over 112,000 views by the morning of Jan. 25.

Zach was thrilled at the chance to talk with his longtime hero.

And Zach’s parents – who were connected to Bale through a family friend – were equally touched.

“As parents, we were incredibly pleased,” said Jeff. “Christian made it a real conversation with Zach. It was something much more than, ‘Hey, hi, how are you doing?’”

The family has a public Facebook page where people can follow Zach’s progress and post encouraging messages.