Gift Brave Gowns to Seattle Children’s with Former Patient, Harper

Harper is giving back to Seattle Children’s by collecting bright, fun hospital gowns for patients

Angie Foy and her daughter Harper of Edmonds are excited to give back to Seattle Children’s with a fundraiser called “Gift a Brave Gown to a Brave Kid.”

Harper was born with a rare genetic disorder called harlequin ichthyosis, which causes the skin to form in hard diamond-shaped plaques on the body. The plaques become dry and flake off, and the intensely dry, tight skin causes severe discomfort for Harper.

She spent almost three months at Seattle Children’s as a newborn undergoing various surgeries to restore circulation to her hands, legs and feet.

“They became family to us,” explained Foy of Harper’s care team at Seattle Children’s. “They saved her life and watched over her for me when I couldn’t be there.”

When she and Harper heard about Brave Gowns, they knew right away they wanted to help too.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have this opportunity to help other children and support Seattle Children’s,” Foy said.

Brave Gowns commercial-grade gowns offer a variety of bright, fun hospital gowns, designed to suit every patients’ personality at any age.

In addition to the variety of prints that cover the entire front like costumes; they are made from a fabric that resembles a soft t-shirt.

Harper was born with a rare genetic disorder called harlequin ichthyosis

They also have IV access on both sleeves, access to chest ports and heart monitors.

Brave Gowns are used in over 380 hospitals in six countries and are MRI friendly.

“Children have minimal control in their daily lives and especially when going through treatment for an illness. Becoming a superhero or a rockstar will allow them to access some sense of power during this scary time,” reads the Brave Gowns site.

The gowns are $25 each, and Harper gets to hand-pick each gown that will be sent to Seattle Children’s.

Learn more and help support Harper’s cause here