Reef, 16 months old, poses for a photo with Richard Sherman.

Blue Tuesday at Seattle Children’s was a little more spirited today thanks to a special visit from the Seattle Seahawks players and members of the Sea Gals. Patients and families were all smiles as they got to meet their favorite football players during the team’s annual Captain’s Blitz visit.

“It was so exciting,” said Joanna Gromadzki. Gromadzki’s 16-month-old son, Reef Gromadzki-Johnson, has been a patient since he was 2 months old after he was diagnosed with pulmonary vein stenosis. “Seattle Children’s is like a second home to us, we’ve been here for so long. Today was special. We’re huge fans of the Seahawks!”

The Seahawks visit really brightened the day for Reef and other 12s in the hospital, and brought holiday cheer to some young and loyal fans.

Meeting a hero


Lincoln, 10, smiles as he plays chess with Seahawks players Bobby Wagner and Richard Sherman.

Lincoln Perry, 10, was admitted to the hospital last Saturday after sustaining a neck injury playing basketball. The family didn’t expect Lincoln would have to stay in the hospital for as long as he has, and so it’s been a tough week for them. Today’s visit, however, was just what the doctor ordered to lift his spirit.

“Richard Sherman is Lincoln’s hero,” said Lincoln’s dad, Ben Perry. “I can’t believe the Seahawks took the time to come visit the kids. It’s just phenomenal. Lincoln’s smiling again. He’s going to be on cloud nine. I can’t believe he played chess with Bobby Wagner and Richard Sherman.”

In addition to teaming up with Bobby Wagner in a chess match against his hero, Richard Sherman, Lincoln posed for photos with various Seahawks players in the inpatient playroom at Seattle Children’s.

“It’s just awesome, and so uplifting,” said Perry. “I’m holding back tears.”

More than just a visit


Giovani, 20, celebrates his last round of chemotherapy with Seahawks players and a member of the Sea Gals.

When Seahawks players walked into 20-year-old Giovani Lopez’s room, he was stunned. Lopez has been in the hospital for nearly two weeks. He’s currently receiving treatment for acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), and today was his last round of chemotherapy. Receiving a special visit from the Seahawks and Sea Gals was a nice way to celebrate such a big milestone.

“I don’t think they know the impact they have on people,” said Lopez. “I want to thank them for giving me more motivation to keep going. They never give up. They don’t accept defeat. It’s a message that resonates.”

For Lopez and other patients and families at the hospital, the Seahawks visit meant the world to them.

Today was a special day at Seattle Children’s. The halls of the hospital were filled with blue, green and lots of joy.