Seattle Children’s Therapeutics, a venture at Seattle Children’s, bringing cutting edge, curative technologies and therapies to defeat pediatric cancer and other diseases that impact children, today announced a collaboration with Cellevolve Bio, a development and commercialization company focused on cell therapies, aimed at developing and commercializing a suite of novel multiplex chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) for the treatment of pediatric central nervous system (CNS) malignancies.

Under the exclusive agreement, Seattle Children’s Therapeutics will conduct early-stage and pre-clinical discovery, and Phase 1 clinical trial development. Cellevolve will lead Phase 2 and subsequent clinical development with key Seattle Children’s Therapeutics involvement.

Cellevolve and Seattle Children’s Therapeutics will collaborate on advancing the BrainChild research program, which seeks to comprehensively target all types of pediatric brain and spinal cord tumors. There are currently three pediatric Phase 1 BrainChild clinical trials open as part of this research program, with ongoing work for development of a fourth clinical trial. Cellevolve will provide financial support for these Phase 1 clinical trials. Seattle Children’s will also receive an equity stake in the company. Cellevolve will receive global license and worldwide rights to assets resulting from the collaboration.The funds will also enable Seattle Children’s Therapeutics to accelerate its immunotherapy research to fulfill its vision of developing and testing next-generation cell and gene therapies like cancer and other life-threatening and debilitating diseases that afflict children. Since 2012, the Seattle Children’s Therapeutics team has designed, manufactured and launched a robust portfolio of immunotherapy clinical trials for childhood cancer in the areas of leukemia and lymphoma, brain tumors and solid tumors.

Dr. Michael Jensen, leading pediatric cancer research scientist and Chief Therapeutics Officer at Seattle Children’s Therapeutics, will join Cellevolve as Founding Advisor and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board.

“Children deserve to lead healthy lives and to achieve their full potential. All too frequently the diseases they are diagnosed with don’t have medicines to heal and cure them. Seattle Children’s aims to change this,” said Jensen. “Our focus on pediatric CNS malignancies aligns with Seattle Children’s vision for developing novel therapies for children with life-threatening diseases who deserve futures full of promise. I’m excited about the benefit this collaboration could bring towards fulfilling that aspiration.”