Madison Wins First Place in Art Contest, Reminds Others to Love Life

Madison's winning artwork, "Love Life"
Madison’s winning artwork, “Love Life”

Congratulations to Seattle Children’s patient, 18-year-old Madison Gordon, from Goldbar, Wash., who won first place in the American Kidney Fund’s Calendar Kids Art Contest. Her artwork, which she calls “Love Life,” will be featured on the cover of the American Kidney Fund’s 2015 calendar. More than 4,200 people voted and selected Madison’s drawing to be the cover art.

“I was so excited to hear that I had won! It’s amazing and I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news,” Madison said. “I am so happy that my artwork will now be shared with a much bigger audience.”

Madison was diagnosed with kidney disease about three years ago and has been coming to Seattle Children’s for dialysis three times a week for the past two years. She is now awaiting a kidney transplant.

The inspiration for “Love Life” came when she was having a particularly tough day at dialysis. To her surprise, she looked down at her arm to see that her dialysis tubing had formed into the shape of a heart.  She said seeing this made her happy and reminded her that things would get better – a message that she wanted to share with others through her art.

“Things can get difficult but you have to look at the good things in life, like family,” she said. “It’s important to love life and stay positive no matter what. Be hopeful that it can get better and never give up.”

In October, Madison will be an honored guest at the American Kidney Fund’s annual gala, The Hope Affair, in Washington, D.C. She also received $100 and an iPad as part of the first place prize.


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