Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic Othello: Artist Spotlight Part 4

A five-part series highlighting the local artists commissioned to contribute original artwork to the new clinic 

This is part four of a five-part series. Tune in each Friday to see more of our featured local artists. 


On March 7, 2022, Seattle Children’s new Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (OBCC) opened the doors to begin serving patients from a second location in the Othello Square complex. In order to deepen the connection with the area, some 21 artists from the local community who are Black, Latinx or Indigenous were commissioned to contribute more than 30 pieces of original artwork in the new building. Using the guiding principles of art that would support health through nature, celebrate inclusiveness, cultivate wonder and joy, and celebrate and honor history, artwork was carefully selected and placed throughout the clinic to enrich the space. Take a journey below through the special artwork showcased throughout the clinic. 


Erin Shigaki  

Usagi と Kitsune (Rabbit + Fox), 2021 – located in a Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Playroom

My parents made books exciting and essential for my sisters and me. We were luckily immersed in both American and Japanese children’s tales. In Japanese lore, both rabbit and fox exhibit a range of qualities from kind and selfless, to mischievous and sometimes misguided. My piece is about these complexities within each of us. Regardless, we all deserve bountiful adventures, dreams, and lives. 




Neil Berkowitz  

Here. Home., 2021; Centrality, 2021; Forward, 2021 – located in the Physical Therapy room

This work is part of a longer look at how we think about place, about where and why we draw boundaries and how we connect one place with another. I also wanted to suggest how maintaining a vital community requires us to connect and look forward. The pieces you see here blend layers of my own images, photographed in the community, along with maps to anchor that vitality to this particular place. 






Troy Miles  

Enough, 2021; I Am Human, 2021; Be Curlful, 2021 – located on the exterior

“I truly love art. It has the power to change, inspire action and communicate in ways that transcend words. The opportunity to create public art is special. As a platform for the eyes of many, it has the potential for tremendous impact and make a difference. I am honored to share my works with the OBCC family, community, and world.” 










Naoko Morisawa  

New Wave – Target Forever II, 2020 – located on the exterior


“Inspired by the local community and public involved project. I have wanted to be part of this kind of project with my newest colorful mosaic artwork, Target Forever series. Those who have to go to the hospital feel anxious on that day. My purpose is for those patients and visitors to find/observe my colorful artwork before entering the hospital and uplift their mood and make it better.”