Secret Lair: Extra Life 2022 Card Drop

Since 2015, Renton-based Wizards of the Coast, a family of studios specializing in role-playing, trading card and digital games, has participated in Extra Life, a fundraising program of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Extra Life brings together tabletop and video gamers to raise money for member children’s hospitals across North America.

Funds raised through Wizards’ Secret Lair x Card drop help Seattle Children’s Autism Center to continue supporting patients and families with program development, expansion, family support and education, training and more.

For the second year, Wizards of the Coast worked with three extremely talented children from Seattle Children’s Autism Center who were asked to draw their take on the iconic magic creatures. For this year’s Secret Lair drop, the patients chose to recreate Birds of Paradise, Lathliss, Dragon Queen and Sliver Legion. Their artwork was handed over to Wizards’ all-star artists Tyler Jacobson, Andrea Radeck, and Steve Prescottbring to bring the drawings further to life.

Said, age 6: Silver Legion is an alien who loves to eat shrimp and ice cream.
Eli, age 8: The Birds of Paradise’s diet consists of the rare everyberry which tastes different every time.


Mohammed, age 4: Lathliss, Dragon Queen is a dragon with big eyes and a spike tail who likes to eat fish. If you saw her, you’d go, “AAAHHHH!”

The limited-edition cards were available for pre-order on on November 4 and will go through November 7. Those who pre-ordered will receive two copies of each card in the drop—one with the children’s art, and the other with the professional artist’s interpretation.

Thanks to the incredible efforts of the Extra Life community guild and our friends at Wizards of the Coast, last year the Autism Center received an outstanding gift of $770,720 ­­­­to support program development, expansion, family support, training and more.