Students from Yale University Serenade Seattle Children’s Patients and Families

Luna, a Seattle Children’s patient smiles while hearing her favorite song ‘Let it Go’

Seattle Children’s patients, families and staff were surprised by a pop-up performance from students in Yale University’s a cappella group, Mixed Company.

The undergraduate students traveled over 2,000 miles for a series of performances in the Seattle area and made a stop at Seattle Children’s with the hope of bringing joy to those staying and working in the hospital.

A cappella is a style of music that does not use instruments, and instead uses a range of vocal skills to harmonize and perform songs in a variety of genres including pop, rock, folk, jazz and R&B.

The show began in the Ocean Cafeteria where providers and families were enjoying lunch and taking their breaks from a busy day of appointments and treatments.

Next, the group visited several patients in Seattle Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center (CBDC) and serenaded them with some of their favorite songs.

Students from Yale University volunteered their time and vocal skills to perform for patients, families and staff

One special request came from 4-year-old Luna for “Let it Go” from the Disney movie ‘Frozen.’ Mixed Company also performed the classic song “Hodja” by Todd Rundgren for 11-year-old Feranmi.

Another request came from 6-year-old Fenton for the song “Home” by Phillip Phillips.

Fenton’s parents said it was extra meaningful to them because it was a song that brought their son happiness and peace before a recent surgery.

“Being able to bring music and hopefully a bit more happiness into the patients’ days was fantastic, and we had so much fun singing with the kids,’ shared Aviv Pinker, a Mixed Company performer and one of the group’s tour managers.

Mixed Company said the experience was heartwarming and inspiring, and hope it was a memorable day for the families, too.

“Even though you are experiencing a very difficult time in your life, try to continue doing the things that make you happy, even if it’s only a little bit each day.”

Fenton and his parents are serenaded by the song “Home,” which holds special meaning to them.
Feranmi smiles while listening to Mixed Company’s performance of “Hodja” in Seattle Children’s CBDC