Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (OBCC) Othello Opens its Doors in South Seattle

The new clinic marks the second location for OBCC, expanding to serve patients where they are

Today, Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (OBCC) Othello clinic opened its doors in the new Othello Square complex. Inside the 42,000 square-foot space, patients will have access to an innovative, integrated approach to care – where medical, dental, behavioral health, physical therapy and rehabilitation, nutrition services and more are available under the same roof, at the same appointment, if needed. And, as always, the clinic’s ‘Quality Care with Dignity’ mission means we care for each patient’s whole health regardless of a family’s ability to pay. The new OBCC Othello location brings these services closer to the 75% of our existing clinic families who have moved to south for more affordable housing.

“We are excited to be able to meet families where they are and making it more convenient to receive the services they need in a holistic way,” said Dr. Shaquita Bell, senior medical director, Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic. “If a patient makes an appointment for one issue, but another one arises, we will be able to provide those added services on the spot.”

With the support of donors who contributed more than $125 million to community health and wellness initiatives, Seattle Children’s invested $52 million to build this second OBCC location in south Seattle and approved a long-term financial support plan that includes $37.5 million in operational funds and a $125 million endowment. The support plan ensures OBCC’s financial health and mission to provide equitable pediatric care to current and future generations.

More than 20 artists from the local community who are Black, Latinx or Indigenous were commissioned to contribute more than 30 pieces of original artwork in the new building. Using the guiding principles of art that would support health through nature, celebrate inclusiveness, cultivate wonder and joy, and celebrate and honor history, artwork was carefully selected and placed throughout the clinic to enrich the space.

Along with OBCC, the 3.2-acre Othello Square site includes the Impact | Salish Sea Elementary school (more on Impact schools) and a Tiny Tots Development Childcare Center location, as well as an economic opportunity center, a computer lab, affordable retail and commercial spaces, community meeting spaces and mixed-income housing for rent and ownership. Overall, Othello Square will provide opportunities for families and businesses to conveniently access needed services, with the aim to help them achieve economic stability and growth. Additionally, it is located adjacent to the Othello Link light rail station in the Rainier Valley to provide access by public transportation for those who don’t live nearby.

To learn more about the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic or to schedule an appointment, please visit https://www.seattlechildrens.org/clinics/odessa-brown/.